Classic Cars For A Classy Wedding

I struggled for months to think of a classy, fun way to make my wedding special. We’d gone over the food, the music, the guests… what was left? The dancing was all planned out, we’d found a celebrant we liked, and the venue was spectacular.

Not being hugely into cars, I hadn’t even considered transport. I simply assumed we’d hire some old BMWs or something – I honestly never thought about it. Until one day, when I stumbled across a website that promised thrills, style and class all in one.

To be honest, I was immediately hooked!

Camaro Hire, Melbourne, claimed to offer a one of a kind, memorable experience. I was interested. I read more, and took a look at some of their photos. Amazing! Some of their classic cars are amazing, really stylish and classy. As a Melbourne resident, I was overjoyed that they were in my region. I called them up and arranged everything simply and professionally.

When the day rolled around (pun intended!) the cars showed up right on time and they looked even better than the photos. We all hopped into our respective cars and headed to the venue. I can’t speak for everyone, but I was so happy with the cars, the ride, the experience, and the day as a whole.

I highly recommend Camaro Hire for an upcoming special events and occasions. Really great cars and excellent service too! Make sure you click through and take a look at some of their cars – you’ll fall in love!

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